How It Works at

Contact us for a quote

Contact our team with your reg number and mileage and we will give you an offer. Subject to viewing your vehicle. It's that simple. We will even visit you at your convenience. We also handle all the paperwork for you.

When do you collect and how much does that cost?

We will collect your car completely free of charge from wherever you are based within 50 miles of Blackburn at a time convenient to yourself. We normally ask you to allow about 30 minutes for the process to be completed so we can meet you at breakfast, lunch or dinner so you fit it in around your working day.

How secure is your system?

Quite simply, extremely secure! We work closely with our bank, so that we can make immediate bank transfers if so required or we'll happily bring you a banker's draft. We have thousands of happy customers and they only recommend us because of ensuring 100% customer satisfaction for all our clients.

Is there a price limit on the cars you buy?

No there's not. Over the years, have purchased vehicles from many different people who've had a wide variety of cars to sell, so the only limit we have is what we are offered.

What happens when you collect the car?

One of our team will visit you at home or at your chosen location and conduct an inspection of the car. If your car is as described during the quotation process, our representative will then arrange for payment to be made by our agreed method and we will then drive your car away, and you'll have sold your car!